Grandparent Appreciation Day!

On Saturday March 14, 2015 the Gma Village and the West Oakland Library held a Grandparent Appreciation Day. The day included music, food, storytelling, face painting, and more. Many kids, grandkids, and friends joined us to honor West Oakland grandmas and grandpas. 


Training and Orientation

Last spring we held an orientation and training session for grandmas and parents. Our trainers provided our attendees with information, resources, and materials to support them as child care providers. We also officially welcomed 6 grandmas and 2 moms into the Gma Village. 



Community Workshops

After learning about the child care challenge, we hosted a series of workshops to help bring together everything we had learned and identify opportunities to create a childcare alternative. In collaboration with experts and community members, we began to develop the Gma Village concept.

Research in West Oakland

The Gma Village concept was started in October 2014 as part of T Lab at Tipping Point. The first stage was spent learning from subject matter experts, parents, grandmas about the challenges of dealing with childcare. Here are some photos of the amazing people we met during this time.