Training and Orientation

All Gmas attend a group orientation and training where they are provided with information, resources, and materials to support them as license-exempt child care providers. While our grandmas have years of experiences caring for their kids, grandkids and other kids in both formal and informal settings, it’s always helpful to be reminded of some of the fundamentals including what to do in an emergency and the importance of provider wellness. 

Community Gatherings

Community building is at the heart of Gma Village, and is a vital component of creating safe, high-quality care environments for children. Our community gatherings provide Gma Village members with a safe, fun space to connect and build care relationships. 

Grandparent Appreciation Day!

Every year, Gma Village partners with the West Oakland Library and other community organizations to celebrate Grandparents and thank them for the important role they play in their communities. The celebrations include free back massages for grandmas, music, food, storytelling, face painting, and more. Many kids, parents, and friends join us every year honor grandmas and grandpas in their community. 

Community Workshops

The Gma Village was co-created through a series of workshops with Oakland parents, grandmas, designers, subject matter experts and the larger child care community. The workshops focused on different topics ranging from Research (gaining a deep understanding of the child care challenge), Ideation (brainstorming on different potential solutions), Design (designing the Gma Village service concept) and Prototyping (testing out elements of the Gma Village service concept). 


Research is a vital component of our work. 3 months of focused research followed by continuos feedback loops and listening sessions have guided the development of Gma Village.  We want to thank the many devoted community members, leaders and agency representatives who have been invaluable partners in shaping our knowledge and co-creating the Gma Village.